Only Smiles

We have the privilege of treating numerous people from different walks of life. This is what some of them say about us and our work.

Ranjan Verma
Sydney, Australia

Thank you very much for carrying out major dental implant surgery and bilateral sinus lift - for subsequent remaining implants in seven months time on me in last November. It was indeed a complex surgery with a number of implants for both upper and lower jaw and sinus lift (direct/indirect). I'm doing extremely well and I thank you a lot for the care and service given to me when I last visited you in the month of December'14 before returning to Sydney. I also extend my thanks to your clinic's staff for their kind service and all the communications.

I'm so glad that I have come under your treatment based on my own research and some enquiry. Right from the start and even before meeting with you in person, you gave me your time for consultations over phone and email. I supplied you both my OPG and CBCT image via courier and got your advice based on those images. You were frank in your views and though your initial views were limited in the absence of clinical examination but you still expressed your views clearly with some certainty as to what was expected. This was very much appreciated and I formed a very positive view about you based on your professional advice/answers. At no time, you even hinted as to why I should choose you.
To me, it was a grey professionalism, your sense of providing consulting services to your patient even though the patient was not sure where he finally intends to go.

I'm looking forward to talking to you soon in another 5-6 months time or even before for my second stage where few implants will be placed and restoration process for the implants placed in last year. I'm sure I will have a similar experience in my future visits.

Mrs Joy Rangel
United Kingdom

Since my migration to the UK from India in 1978, I have always had a dental check/treatment during my yearly trips back to Mumbai.

On one such visit, a friend of my Mum told me about Dr Kher Senior and 'The young Dr.Udatta Kher'. This friend's strong recommendation spurred me on to visit the Dental Clinic in Bandra. It was the best decision I made and I have now been attending for the past 5 years.

At the very outset, I was impressed by the kindly and efficient Receptionist and Dr.Kher's quiet and unassuming manner. Dr.Kher conducted all my treatments very professionally. At no time did I feel coerced into any treatment and always felt that I received good advice.

Quite recently I was told by my Dentist in the UK that two of my teeth were " beyond repair and I would need to have implants." I was not fully convinced and slightly apprehensive of having implants; so I decided to make a trip to India to seek out Dr.Kher's advice.

Dr.Kher told me that he himself did implants and that he was a Professor at the dental college teaching students this new technology. He assured me that the procedure was quite straight-forward provided the x-rays were normal. I was beginning to feel more confident.

The x-rays did prove normal, so in a matter of a week, I had two of my teeth extracted and the first stage of the implants carried out without any hassle. The teeth were then inserted some months later. During the whole procedure I did not encounter any problems whatsoever. Dr.Kher did reassure me that he was available to speak to me anytime should I have encountered any. It was a marvellous job and I was really pleased.

I have now recommended friends from the UK and USA who are currently having their implants done in multiples!

I am confident that whoever decides to have dental work carried out by Dr.Udatta Kher will not be disappointed.

Mumbai, India

Doctor I feel so grateful to you that today I am able to use my teeth after you implanted them several years back. They feel like my original teeth. It is a matter of great satisfaction for a person of age 77 years. Recently my wife too got her teeth implanted by you and is feeling very relieved. All credit to you.

Sudipta K. Sen
Mumbai, India

" Dr.Udatta Kher has been our trusted family dentist for last 15 years.

My work involves a lot of travelling overseas and within the country. There were two reasons why I deferred dental treatment in the past. One was the fear of pain and secondly the lack of time.

Dr. Kher has changed that. In spite of his busy schedule he manages to stick to his appointment. I don't remember ever needing to wait to be taken in for the treatment. But what is more impressive is the fact that procedures like root canal treatments, extractions and implants that he has performed in my mouth have been absolutely painless. I no longer perceive dental treatment to be painful.

The dental implants done by him have helped me immensely in smiling with confidence while facing the photojournalists during many events helping me in my professional endeavours.

I need to commute half way across the city to see him, but it well worth the effort. I wish him success in his professional career."

Natalia Arantseva
Mumbai, India

I have been living in India for close to a decade and needless to say my previous experiences with dentists here were horrifying, at best. This once it was so bad, I put off seeing a dentist for nearly 3 years! After which for obvious reasons, I have decided to do all my dentist work only abroad. Then I was recommended, by one of my expat friends, that Dr.Udatta Kher is really good. Being skeptical and frankly afraid, I took an appointment prepared to step back if I sense a bit of incompetence. Now I can say with complete confidence and guarantee that he is the best dentist I have ever had. His work is painless and quick. I can go in without a worry and completely rely on him that the work will be perfect!

Josy Paul
Mumbai, India

I used to be afraid of the D word. D for Dentist. Then one day I met Dr Sudha Shenoy.

She has the healing hands of a saint and the quiet precision of a swiss engineer.

She makes a tough root canal procedure feel like a smooth walk in the park.

Dr Sudha is not just a dentist. She is a freedom fighter. In her own way she fought to free me from my fear of extractions, fillings, drilling and big injections. I no longer need the promise of delicious ice creams after a dentist visit. All I need is the assurance that Dr Sudha Shenoy is in the house. I am not afraid of going to the dentist any more.